Gini: Be in people’s homes every 12 weeks.

In Business, Consistency, Strategy on 09/30/2009 at 12:13 pm

Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich) has recently come into my life, and I like her a lot. We share a love of shoes, handbags, and Chicago. (We do not share a love of the morning hours.)

Her blog post here caught my attention because it’s directly related to my industry: foodservice. And towards the bottom, she quotes the CEO of a bakery who quotes Andy Warhol. They both get it:

“You need to be in people’s homes every 12 weeks.”


What can we (as a company) do to get into people’s lives every 12 weeks? What sort of experience can we create so people naturally want us to come back again and again, to the tune of 4 times a year at a minimum? And how do we simultaneously build relationships and give back to the community?

Lots to think about. Thanks for the launching point, my lovely Gini D.


  1. Love the blog! This is one I will visit often to see what else you have found.


  2. The only reason we don’t agree on morning hours is because you stay up all night!

    Your photo is making me hungry.

    I LOVE this blog idea. I can’t wait to watch it grow and succeed!!

  3. Personally, I feel that all commentators should receive a weekly supply of cupcakes. Not that you asked, of course, but then, I am known for thinking of things that others miss. Soooo, something, certainly to consider. #justsayin

    Great job, chica. Keep it up!

  4. I don’t agree with the 12-week rule. It’s just wrong and in this case almost cruel. In your particular business, the rule should be, “You need to be in people’s homes every week…2 weeks max” 😉

    Great idea for a blog. I look forward to reading more.


  5. LOL @shellykramer! If that were the case, I could start charging money to be featured, no? (Entrepreneurial side of me coming out…) 😉

    And thanks for commenting, @chitrafficsign…—er… Kevin V!

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