Josh: Get it all out. Even the bad ideas.

In Brainstorm, Create on 09/30/2009 at 12:54 pm

Josh Mizrachi (@joshmizrachi) is my friend who also happens to be our copywriter. His voice is our brand. In his spare time, he writes commercials for Leo Burnett. He’s really brilliant. I’m constantly astounded by the way his mind thinks and the processes he goes through to create. They’re so different from the way I think, and I admire that.

One time, we were  brainstorming ideas for who-knows-what. A million years ago. And he started writing down some stuff that made me go, “WHAT?! That’s TERRIBLE!” (It’s okay. He gets my sarcasm.)


He said, “What? Sometimes I just have to clear all of the lame, bad, irrelevant, dumb ideas out of my head before I can even start thinking about anything else.”


So basically what he said is – there is such a thing as a dumb idea!



  1. That’s the advice they give in the super smarty smart copywriting books! The creative types have to get all the crap outta their heads to get to the good stuff — but it’s great advice for anyone. Flush out the bad to get to the good. 🙂

    Josh is smart. But you already said that.

  2. There are plenty of dumb ideas, and contrary to what your elementary school teacher might have taught you, there are dumb questions, too.

    Josh’s statement is the same thing that visual artists go through. Doodles and sketches are often the way of getting the junk out of the way and releasing the flow of creativity.

  3. It’s so interesting to me that creativity is a process. I guess for me, I just look at what other people have done, tweak it, call it my own, and BAM – creativity.

    Some people are just creative from scratch. Maybe one day I’ll come close to being one of them.

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