Ed and Amy: We’re not for you.

In Be memorable, Business, Create, Marketing, Strategy on 10/02/2009 at 12:28 am

I met Amy (@tastycms) (and re-met Ed (@tastypopsicle)), a wife/husband duo who run Tasty CMS (a CMS that’s user and design friendly and comes fully equipped with personal service.) Of course, we started discussing business.

Ed: “We get calls from people who want us to completely change our product – bend over backwards to do stuff that makes no sense for our business. So we just say, “We’re not for you.” And then we refer them to someone else who might work out better for them.”

This isn’t brand new information, no. Nobody can be all things to all people. But it did make me ask myself, How can our offer be more intentional and focused? What can we add to the experience to make it more memorable and viral and buzzworthy?

compellingoffer1The best compelling offer I could find on Google Images.

So much to constantly reassess.

(BTW, *so* nice to meet you tonight, Amy (and see you again, Ed). Can’t wait to see you on the Twitterbox!)



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