Steph: We’re going to Tbilisi.

In Travel on 10/06/2009 at 11:44 pm

Stephanie and I were roommates for almost three years. She’s married to Paul, who’s a smarty pants Public Health Ph.D. over at Johns Hopkins. He gets to go to developing countries and help implement (or lobby to get funding to implement) health programs.


Today, I texted her: Going to get $5 shoes.

She texted back: So jealous. But we are just on our way to Chicago!

Me: Staying or layover?

Steph: Layover. Flying to Tbilisi tonight.

Me: Where the heck is that?

Steph: Georgia. The country. Miss International degree.

Me: Safe travels xoxo


If you knew that Tbilisi is in Georgia, raise your hand. {Yeah, I thought so. :)}


  1. This one made me laugh.

    And I did NOT know that Tbili-whatever was in Georgia (the country).

  2. If you ask me how to say it, I will not for fear of looking dumb.

    Tbili-whatever works for me.

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