Kevin: Play some #jazz.

In Create, Human behavior, Music on 10/09/2009 at 3:19 am

@KevinVandever is the JazzLifeJunkie. And he’s legit. He’s one of those guys who travels the country to go to jazz festivals and gets awesome seats at local jazz tribute concerts. He’s single-handedly responsible for the newly-created Jazz playlist on my iTunes, which includes the following, among others:

Wynton Marsalis: Autumn LeavesEverything Happens to Me
Dave Brubeck: Tangerine
John Coltrane: My Favorite Things
Miles Davis: Bye Bye Blackbird

I’m in the middle of pulling an all-nighter tonight to get through some overdue work, and he tweeted this:

Play some #jazz. It helps me write.”

jazzWhy does music help us think clearly, differently, intuitively? I’m curious what your thoughts are on music and why certain types of music are linked to productivity and brainpower. Let’s share.


  1. Mari,

    Thank you so much for the kind words. You’ll be happy to know that when I received your tweet about the blog post that I was both writing and listening to jazz.

    Some think that I would be distracted by listening to music that I love so much while trying to be productive doing something else, but it works for me. I don’t get distracted. The music seems to release the necessary creative juices and set the proper mood. That doesn’t mean that I don’t take breaks every so often to enjoy a certain song or smokin’solo (like right now, Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews is blowing an unbelievable trombone solo on St. James Infirmary), but those breaks do more to energize me further than they do to stop my writing momentum.

    I am working out the details on a more focused jazz-related site. Not sure if it will be on my current site or have its own home (hint, I do own, but haven’t done anything with it) but the goal is to have a site filled with jazz-related content for all the jazz life junkies to enjoy.

    Thanks, again, for posting this blog entry.


    P.S. Check out Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers: Live at Birdland Volume I. That’s what I was listening to tonight/this morning.

    • I love that you live and breathe jazz. It makes you so authentic!

      As far as being distracted by music, I’d have to say that for the most part, it helps me think more clearly. Music (particularly jazz and classical) somehow strengthen my resolve to get through whatever it is I’m working on – and do it well the first time.

      Plus, I guess there’s some scientific evidence that music helps your brain process stuff differently. 😉

      I’m gonna go check out your recommendations now. You’ve never failed me!

  2. Hi Mari, I just read your latest post and am aware of your Macbook Pro challenge (I think that’s what you’re aiming for). I remembered this post about jazz, but couldn’t believe it was this long ago. Time flies. Good luck with your challenge. Oh, and I’ll be in Chicago between 6/30 and 7/4. Are you in town?

  3. I’ll be here! Let’s hang out! Yes, time definitely flies, but only because of people like you in my life who make it so much better. I’ll look forward to catching up!

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