Alyssa: This is just more fun than anything.

In Just plain fun, Shoes on 10/25/2009 at 3:21 pm

I freaking {heart} Alyssa. She’s one of those girls you wish you could hate because she’s everything you want to be: cute, darling, lovely, friendly, happy, stylish, trendy. But you can’t hate her because you can’t help but love her.

She has a blog that’s just so Alyssa. And I was catching up on her fun little findings and found this post, where she writes (and I quote):

“oh THIS is just more fun than anything you can possibly doing on a rainy monday morning (well if youre in chicago its a rainy monday morning)

Look what I made!


How freakin’ stinkin’ fun is that?

  1. ha! thanks for the shout out!! and i do love this alphabet soupy

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