Melissa: Figure out how to use your closet.

In Clothes, Organization, Shoes on 10/26/2009 at 12:41 am

Melissa was my youth group leader when I was 10. We baked bread, square danced, started a vegetable garden. None of those skills really stuck. But one time, she spoke straight to my heart:

“When you’re old enough to buy your own clothes, make sure you figure out how to use your closet. Organize by color, season, size, type of fabric – whatever works for you. But for heaven’s sake – don’t just throw your clothes in a heap on the floor!”

So from that point on, I took her advice to heart. Here’s my closet today:


Thirty assembled outfits. Dressy on the left, casual on the right. Accessories on the hanger. Yes, the hangers are backwards for a reason – once I wear an outfit, I’ll turn the hanger around so I know it’s already been worn. (Thanks, Stacy and Clinton.)

Not only does this system save me a ton of time (no more frantic piles of clothes on the floor), but it also helps me purge (clothes not on hangers go straight to the donation bag) AND I know exactly which pieces I need when I go shopping. Like right now, I really, really need a navy blue cardigan. Really.

I love organizing. Probably in majority part due to Melissa.

  1. All my clothes are in a giant pile on the floor. Well, all 4 pairs of pants and 8 tee shirts, which is about all I own. I have a few slightly dressier things in the closet. But only one pair of dress shoes that I’ve had for 9.5 years.

  2. I’m amazed that I can find my way out the door in the morning. 🙂

  3. I have a ton of tshirts so my closet is organized by color. I also hang my jeans on a hanger designed to hold a few pairs of pants. It also acts as a divider: shirts that I haven’t worn on the left, worn on the right. I’m meticulously organized in other ways as well. It baffles me when I meet people who aren’t.

  4. I’ll snap a picture tonight. And Amy’s side is well organized too. Dressy on the left (front-side facing right) – Casual on the right (front-side facing left).

    Also, I have a slight “thing” where I’ll only use white hangers. Ok, maybe I am a bit OCD.

  5. Mari, that’s a dangerous product. You trick yourself with all that extra room that you go out and buy more clothes that inevitably never get worn. Also, shopping at 3am is VERY dangerous. Stay away!!

  6. Mari, as promised, here’s a look into my closet
    I didn’t do anything to prep for the image. It’s always this organized.

  7. i think i’m in love.

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