Pieter: React in a complementary way.

In Experience, Human behavior, Music on 10/30/2009 at 4:58 pm

Pieter Schlosser (@schlossax) is an LA-based composer and musician. He’s IMDB-credited for Desperate Housewives, The Sims 3, and Friday the 13th. I LOVE talking with him about the many facets of music composition and performance.


Pieter’s ridiculous studio

We started talking about past professors and influencers while he was in college:

“Abe Laboriel (the bass player) told me that that the highest expression of love is to listen. When you truly listen, you’re able to mesh better with the musician, feed off of what they’re performing, and react in a complementary way.”

I’ve NEVER thought of music in that sense – an experience where it’s my job (as the listener) to feed off of what a musician is performing – and then actually REACT to it. A selfish consumer/listener, I’ve totally missed out on what could have been potentially amazing two-way musical conversations.

Thanks, Pieter, for helping me see another way to experience music. This Marianita is most grateful for the ear-opening words by the one and only Abe Senior. Gracias, amigo.

  1. Wow! Mari! Thanks so much! This is really amazing.
    Thank YOU!!

  2. This is especially true in a live setting. It’s important to be a good audience member, especially if you’re in the first few rows. The musicians can see you, and if you’re slouched, looking around in a bored fashion, or (horrors!) sleeping, it can on some level affect even the most seasoned cat. The inverse is true – a good audience feeds good vibes, making the performance even better. Everyone wins!

    • i agree with you, jen! the more the audience participates and feeds into the performance, the better it is. absolutely! well said!

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