Jesse: Get organized.

In Organization on 11/04/2009 at 7:21 pm

Jesse and I were in the same 7th grade English class together with Miss Draper. We always got along, although never were the closest of friends. All throughout junior high and high school, we took the same classes here and there – Physiology (dissected minks together), French (studied for the AP Exam together), World History (watched Schindler’s List thanks to Steven Spielberg together).

Our senior year of high school, we were in the same Humanities class with Mr. Keep fall semester. And I will always remember the first day of school when, instead of a binder, she pulled this beauty out of her backpack:


An accordion folder. Plastic. With dividers.

I about had a heart attack. No ripped dividers! No flipping 200 sheets of paper to get to the back! No broken binder covers! No duct tape! No need to decorate something cool to slide into the front pocket! No canvas to worry about getting dirty! No trapper keeper flap to worry about falling off!

Jesse looked at everyone who was gawking at her beautiful new “binder” and said, “I thought this might be better to stay organized. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Pretty much the entire senior class followed suit soon after. I still have mine, 14 years later. And oh-my-goodness. Yes, it is the magical file folder of organization.

  1. Love the accordian folder. Especially in the car. It’s essential…I want my next car to be sold with one in it.

  2. I must put my work equipment through hell, I did the plastic accordion folder in high school, college, and law school and always seemed to beat them to smithereens by the end of the term. I gave up and went to the heavy card stock ones – at least I can properly recycle those.

    • I tried the heavy cardstock ones for a while, but they just aren’t as cute. 🙂 Color! Give me color!

      So, beat them to smithereens, eh? I bet you were a crazy good student, then.

  3. Yes! I started using accordion files in Mongolia to keep track of all my schtuff… now I have three. Couldn’t be without them!

    Love this site you have, by the way!

    • Thanks! We use the smaller ones for receipts, too. But those bulk up too fast. The full size ones are the only way to go!

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