Dawn: Ginger is a Diuretic.

In Cooking, Health on 12/19/2009 at 9:10 am

I took a cooking class at The Chopping Block, an instructional kitchen/cooking store in Lincoln Square and the Merchandise Mart: Healthy Cooking taught by local dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner. She taught us how to make an entire meal surrounding healthy choices, including breaded broccoli, organic herb pizza, and soy mousse. And the appetizer was this carrot ginger soup.

Generally, I’m a big fan of ginger (except in cookies, because I think the whole concept of gingerbread is weird.) But what I didn’t know is that ginger is a diuretic. Dawn said, “Just throw in a teaspoon of ginger into whatever you’re eating to bring out the flavor. Plus, if you’re bloated, ginger helps decrease water weight.”

So now, I always have some minced ginger handy to throw into whatever I’m eating. Not that it’s really helping me lose weight. But at least it’s helping me to not feel completely puffy.

I’d love to hear other people’s strategies to not feeling puffy. Because I’m big into salt. And I always feel puffy. Okay – go. 🙂


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