Derek: Chicago.

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I met Derek (@dshanahan) a few months ago over lunch, which turned into a four hour discussion of usability and technology under the el tracks. Which turned into a several-month love/hate relationship over who has better dance skills (Mari), a better mustache (Derek), a prettier Google calendar (Mari).

He’s on his way to Vancouver, BC to kick butt on his latest venture, Foodtree, and writing nostalgic Chicago stuff on his blog as a result:

There’s a toughness about this city…a confidence in the experience of being a Chicagoan that doesn’t exist anywhere else on earth.  This city stays sexy all winter.  It’s hard to see unless you train yourself to see through the challenge this time of year puts in front of us.  You look through it and you see smiles and music and art and a camaraderie among total strangers that’s only possible if you’ve walked through our streets and watched them transform themselves over and over and over again as seasons change and years roll by.  We watch our sports and politics with unwavering commitment, dedication, and skepticism.  We pride ourselves on hotdogs, pizza, and Italian beef.  We don’t apologize for that.”

I love this. Everyone knows winters suck here. But we get through it together. We survive it with the best combination of sports, culture and food in anticipation of the most celebrated summers in North America. Chicago is a city connected by deeply rooted relationships, in large part due to the seasons we get to experience together.

To apply this in any group setting, people bond when they go through challenging times together (and have some good food to go with). Brilliant.

If you agree with Derek, say “yeah.”

Mari: “Heck yeah.”

Good luck, Mr. DShan. I’ll miss you – and that’s not really even sarcastic. 🙂

  1. I’ll miss you too, Mari:) I think it’s safe to say we’re both making out pretty well on having met one another. You’re an inspiration.

  2. HECK YEAH! Gosh I miss my city… I don’t know much about you Derek, but so far, you’re already pretty awesome in my book. Best of luck to you on your new adventure! And Mari, you’re pretty awesome too 🙂

  3. Good luck, Derek – it’s been great meeting up in both Chicago AND Milwaukee . . . we’ll catch up again sometime soon. Perhaps in Vancouver?

  4. I’ll see your “yeah”, your “heck yeah” and raise you a “hell to the yeah”. Both of you, Derek and Mari, have really shaped my life here in Chicago, and in a short time. And for that, I am forever grateful.

    Derek – kill it. I know you will.

    • Sydney, your life is so fun to watch from our 5-years-ahead-of-you perspective. Because you’re doing stuff that at least *I* know I never would have been ballsy enough to do. 🙂

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