Chari: Organize Crafts.

In Create, Organization on 02/08/2010 at 5:51 pm

I’m a big craft whore. I love glue guns, ribbons, adhesive, glitter, wire, beads, magnets, calligraphy pens, pretty patterned paper and markers.

But being crafty automatically means you’re crazy disorganized.

I was over at Chari’s house in Seattle several years ago and discovered her organization secret:

Compartments for everything! Clear ones! That you can label! Off the ground/floor/dining table! I still have the one I got as a gift for my 23rd birthday. And I still use it. And I love it.

What’s a revolutionary organization tip you’ve seen and implemented? And how has it changed your life? Share, please!

  1. Why Mari! You did a shout out to me and on my birthday no less! You are awesome and thanks! I had no idea you had this blog until today (thank you facebook)! I’m so behind the times 🙂

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