Tammy: Eliminate Awkwardness.

In Health, Human behavior, Strategy on 03/05/2010 at 12:59 am

Someone told me once there are two questions you should never ask:
1 – Are you pregnant?
2 – Are you the grandmother?

Tammy (a close girlfriend who works at Children’s Memorial Hospital and deals with a bajillion kid patients and their caretakers daily) has figured out a roundabout way of determining the answer to the second.


Tammy walks into exam room all decked out in official doctor-type gear. She sees a baby, a woman who looks like she’s 25, and another woman who looks like she’s 45.

She asks the baby, “So, who did you bring with you today?”

The younger woman volunteers, “Oh, I’m her mom, and this is my sister.”

Tammy thinks to herself, “Thank-freakin’-goodness I didn’t ask if she was the grandmother.”

Other awkward scenarios eliminated by this question:

“We’re his dads.”
“I’m her grandmother, and this is my neighbor.”
“I’m his uncle, and this is my girlfriend.”

But the workaround the “are-you-pregnant” question? You keep your mouth shut. And you never, ever, EVER ask.


  1. Love this. After being asked by several people in the past couple of years if I was pregnant — hellooo?!? — more readers need to get here and understand that it’s just. not. OK!

    • Absofreakinglutely. I was holding my 6 week old and very obviously post-partumly still holding onto the baby weight. And some GIRL (no less) has no common sense and asks if I’m already expecting #2.


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