Dan: Everything is a trade off.

In Be logical on 03/27/2011 at 3:16 pm

I’ve known Dan for what feels like years. He’s a hedge fund analyst in Chicago, University of Chicago MBA grad and overall nerd.

We went to lunch a few weeks ago and he was telling me how he and his wife are thinking about moving their family to a bigger house farther away from the city.

Do we get a bigger house, but in a suburb we might not like as much?
Do we get a smaller house so we won’t be house poor and can actually go on vacations?
Do we go to a city that has a weaker school system, but then have to send our kids to private schools?
Do we stay closer to the city so I have a shorter commute, but pay more for the house?

When thinking about making a life-changing decision, it’s good to be rational and realize that everything has its up and downsides, and acknowledge that no matter what, there will always be a trade off.

And the best part? Knowing this before going into making a decision makes making that decision that much easier.

Dan the hedge fund man, thanks for keeping me grounded.


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