I crush on smartness


Hi. My name is Mari, and I’m a smartaholic.

I crush on smart ideas. I love the connection that comes from sharing ideas with the intent to better our relationships, work environments, and communities.

Everybody has brilliant ideas. I’m so fortunate to have a network of people in my life who fit the above description of my mindcrushes. Because to their credit, their ideas have shaped my life and helped me make decisions that affect me and the people I love more than they’ll probably ever know.

My goal is to write down a few ideas from people in my smarty-pants network at least a few times a week. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably have to throw in a few posts about cute shoes here and there, so bear with me.

But maybe something good will come from it.

For now, I’m just considering it therapy for my brain. Because sometimes this little thing can’t handle all of the good ideas that other people pack inside.

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