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Ryan: Certify Your Dog.

In Music, Parenting, Super Helpful Info, Travel on 10/18/2011 at 12:54 am

I was one of the last people to board a Southwest MDW -> LGA flight, so I took the first middle seat I saw, which happened to be next to Ryan, a Broadway performer and theater geek (my very favorite type of geek).

For the first half of the flight, we had a ridiculous conversation about Bernstein vs. Sondheim, Rent vs. Les Mis, how we both don’t really get Glee. It was probably the most animated exchange of words I’ve ever had on an airplane.

Out of nowhere, Ryan reached down to give Phoebe (his miniature schnauzer that had been his “personal item” stowed underneath the seat in front of him) a little love. And I looked at him and said, “She’s been here the whole time?!” (Duh, Mari.)

“Yeah, I need her for emotional support. She’s my service animal, and she flies free. I had to get her certified, but that certification had already paid for itself LONG ago.”

The place to go?, who the government considers legitimate enough to give pets their travel certification.

Who knew?

In the meantime, I stalked Ryan. Here’s a YouTube video of him on stage. Yes, the internet is creepy. 🙂

Angie: Don’t pack a single pair of sweats.

In Clothes, Cooking, Health, Holidays, Human behavior, Music, Travel on 12/13/2009 at 8:02 pm

Angie was my junior-year-of-college roommate. From Blue Springs, MO, her claim to fame is that her brother is best friends with David Cook. Although she didn’t know how to boil water or make scrambled eggs (seriously), Angie actually gave me some actual, practical, memorable advice before I went home for winter break (which haunts me every holiday season):

Don’t pack a single pair of sweats. It’s winter. You’ll want to dress all cozy and comfy. DON’T. Because the second you don’t wear jeans or cords or something that holds you in is the second you’ll overeat. And then you won’t fit into your clothes when you get back to school.”

I’m sitting in sweats now and contemplating baking a BTS cake -> case in point.

Pieter: React in a complementary way.

In Experience, Human behavior, Music on 10/30/2009 at 4:58 pm

Pieter Schlosser (@schlossax) is an LA-based composer and musician. He’s IMDB-credited for Desperate Housewives, The Sims 3, and Friday the 13th. I LOVE talking with him about the many facets of music composition and performance.


Pieter’s ridiculous studio

We started talking about past professors and influencers while he was in college:

“Abe Laboriel (the bass player) told me that that the highest expression of love is to listen. When you truly listen, you’re able to mesh better with the musician, feed off of what they’re performing, and react in a complementary way.”

I’ve NEVER thought of music in that sense – an experience where it’s my job (as the listener) to feed off of what a musician is performing – and then actually REACT to it. A selfish consumer/listener, I’ve totally missed out on what could have been potentially amazing two-way musical conversations.

Thanks, Pieter, for helping me see another way to experience music. This Marianita is most grateful for the ear-opening words by the one and only Abe Senior. Gracias, amigo.

Kevin: Play some #jazz.

In Create, Human behavior, Music on 10/09/2009 at 3:19 am

@KevinVandever is the JazzLifeJunkie. And he’s legit. He’s one of those guys who travels the country to go to jazz festivals and gets awesome seats at local jazz tribute concerts. He’s single-handedly responsible for the newly-created Jazz playlist on my iTunes, which includes the following, among others:

Wynton Marsalis: Autumn LeavesEverything Happens to Me
Dave Brubeck: Tangerine
John Coltrane: My Favorite Things
Miles Davis: Bye Bye Blackbird

I’m in the middle of pulling an all-nighter tonight to get through some overdue work, and he tweeted this:

Play some #jazz. It helps me write.”

jazzWhy does music help us think clearly, differently, intuitively? I’m curious what your thoughts are on music and why certain types of music are linked to productivity and brainpower. Let’s share.