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Maya: Shoes Always Work.

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Maya is one of my favorite people of all time. She owns Swank Productions, a ridiculously creative and luxurious event planning company based in Chelsea. We met when we were both the only non-industry people speaking at a User Experience conference in Toronto a million years ago. And although our meeting was brief, I have always remembered her passion, straightforwardness, and no-BS way of approaching life — and I try to see her as often as I can, because her energy is so contagious.

Way back when, the Sex and the City movies were coming out, and Maya decided she wanted to produce the launch parties for them. She wasn’t sure how to get her company in front of the producers. In her typical New York hustle fashion, she did some covert research, found out one of the female producer’s shoe sizes, and sent her a single Manolo Blahnik . . . with a note. “Want the other shoe? Meet me for coffee.”


And like that, she won her way to a meeting, followed by a contract, to create the launch party of Sex and the City: the movies. In her presentation: “Shoes always work.” True story.

I ❤ Maya. Happy birthday to you, my sparkle sister from another mister! xo

Marlys: Find Your Season.

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Marlys and I know each other from when we both worked in the youth organization for our church. It was our responsibility to plan activities that were both wholesome and entertaining for 12-18 year olds. Phew.

One week, Marlys taught the girls that everyone has a color season. With the right colors, your hair, skin and hair will all glow, your imperfections will be diminished, and you’ll look bright and vibrant. With the wrong colors, your eyes, skin and hair will look drained, your imperfections may be highlighted, and your face will just be blah. You can figure your color palette out here on this website for college kids (they really should teach this concept earlier than college, but whatever.)

This was monumental information for me. I immediately went home and purged all of my white and black, and started replacing my wardrobe with beige, chocolates, oranges, and fiery reds. When shopping, I now quickly scan the racks for colors in my season, and ignore anything that doesn’t fall within it. It saves me hours of sifting through racks for no good reason. And I never buy t-shirts in every color anymore, ever, just because they’re 3 for $25.

Marlys, my wardrobe thanks you for the orange scarf, turquoise earrings, gold sequin tank top and mustard cardigan that’s now a part of it.

Debbie: Power Hour

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If you’re like me, you get distracted by phone calls, emails, Facebook notifications, Tweetdeck chirping in the background, a 4 year old who wants yogurt or string cheese or candy or cupcakes, a buzzing dryer, online Sudoku, blogs, Google calendar, the need to shower, etc.

My former business coach Debbie taught me that each distraction actually takes 4 times as long to tend to, which is why she told me to start my Power Hour: focused, non-distracted work time to get through things that are critical for maintaining business. I go to my office and shut the door with a little post-it that says “Working” on it so everyone knows not to interrupt.

I break down my daily Power Hour into four 15-minute segments. (I do 15 because I’m so ADD to begin with; anything longer would require way too much brainpower. :))

1. Reply to e-mails. DO NOT OPEN TWEETDECK, FACEBOOK, OTHER BROWSERS. (SO super challenging.)
2. Make outreach business building, focused phone calls. I hate making phone calls, so often I’ll bribe myself with shoes. (For every 100 phone calls I make, I get to buy a new pair of shoes. :))
3. Strategize. I’ll focus on different areas daily, such as operations, marketing or networking. A 15 minute timeframe makes me think critically and acutely.
4. Learn. I’ll read an article, a chapter out of a business book, blog post, etc.

What are the four areas in your life you need to maintain daily? And what would happen if you could do them without being interrupted?

Debbie, I love you for making me create my own power hour. My life is infinitely more productive, serene, and less cluttered by distractions. LOVE YOU FOR IT.

Bridget: Color Czars decide EVERYTHING.

In Clothes, Create, Shoes, Watch on 12/05/2009 at 6:19 pm

This past Thursday, I was at a Smitten Boutique for an event hosted by Kehoe Designs (an amazing florist/design company in Chicago). I met their Creative Director, Bridget (@BridgetCJohnson), who educated me on upcoming color trends for 2010. Lighter shades of yellow, lavender, and bold blues will be hot next year. (Just watch.)

And then I asked her how designers know what’s going to be in for the coming year. And she told me there’s a forecasting committee called the Color Czars; they’re the end-all, be-all of color palettes. They’re collaborating on 2015 right now.

So basically, a handful of people in the whole world decide what our living rooms, cars, iPods, Gap sweaters, handbags, shoes, lipstick, and hair color are going to be.

That’s a ridiculous amount of power.

Melissa: Figure out how to use your closet.

In Clothes, Organization, Shoes on 10/26/2009 at 12:41 am

Melissa was my youth group leader when I was 10. We baked bread, square danced, started a vegetable garden. None of those skills really stuck. But one time, she spoke straight to my heart:

“When you’re old enough to buy your own clothes, make sure you figure out how to use your closet. Organize by color, season, size, type of fabric – whatever works for you. But for heaven’s sake – don’t just throw your clothes in a heap on the floor!”

So from that point on, I took her advice to heart. Here’s my closet today:


Thirty assembled outfits. Dressy on the left, casual on the right. Accessories on the hanger. Yes, the hangers are backwards for a reason – once I wear an outfit, I’ll turn the hanger around so I know it’s already been worn. (Thanks, Stacy and Clinton.)

Not only does this system save me a ton of time (no more frantic piles of clothes on the floor), but it also helps me purge (clothes not on hangers go straight to the donation bag) AND I know exactly which pieces I need when I go shopping. Like right now, I really, really need a navy blue cardigan. Really.

I love organizing. Probably in majority part due to Melissa.

Alyssa: This is just more fun than anything.

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I freaking {heart} Alyssa. She’s one of those girls you wish you could hate because she’s everything you want to be: cute, darling, lovely, friendly, happy, stylish, trendy. But you can’t hate her because you can’t help but love her.

She has a blog that’s just so Alyssa. And I was catching up on her fun little findings and found this post, where she writes (and I quote):

“oh THIS is just more fun than anything you can possibly doing on a rainy monday morning (well if youre in chicago its a rainy monday morning)

Look what I made!


How freakin’ stinkin’ fun is that?

Veronica: I always bring “going-out” shoes.

In Dancing, Health, Shoes on 10/12/2009 at 3:05 pm

@VeronicaPasia is a high power marketing girl. She’s also tall and beautiful and lovely and friendly and fun and smart. She’s like THE sept-uple threat (or whatever a 7x threat is called).

We met up for our friend’s birthday party and decided to go dancing afterwards. I was wearing flats. Veronica was wearing flats. I figured we’d go somewhere where flats were fine.

Then out of nowhere, VP produced a pair of FABULOUS (heeled) shoes from her bag and slipped them on.

Panicked, I said, “Oh no! You’re going to look hot! I’m going to look short!”

She said, I always bring “going-out” shoes with me. It’s the city, girl!”

Well, I learned my lesson. And there’s always a spare pair of 4″ patent peep toes in my bag or car. Just in case.