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Kate: Support Your Knees.

In Health, Sports, Super Helpful Info, Travel on 06/25/2012 at 9:01 am

Kate and I met via Twitter; she was one of Foiled Cupcakes‘ first customers. She (along with many, many other inspiring women) also became my running muse, encouraging me to run my first 5k (she’s the one with the white visor). Since then, I’ve worked my way up to thinking I might be able to actually run a half marathon, all with Kate’s support. (I’m registered for the Allstate 13.1 series in East Boston this September. Yikes.)

A couple of years ago, I told Kate that my knees were starting to crunch. Blah. Her reply:

Support your knees … I use KT Tape, but there are lots of other braces that could make a big difference.”

She even went so far as to bring me a handful of KT Tape strips the next time we were going to the same event, and told me which sites to check out so I could figure out how to put them on properly.

Oh. So running doesn’t have to be a miserable, knee-grinding, painful activity. Really?

I invested in two hardcore patellar knee straps and compression sleeves for shin splints when I feel the need. It’s ridiculous, but this <$50 investment has changed my entire outlook on running.

Thanks, Kate, for making me realize I don’t have to be a whining running martyr and I can actually just enjoy it. You’ve inspired me to explore new cities on foot (the best way to discover a new place) AND the confidence to click “register” for a 13.1 mile run. You rock my world.

Claire: It’s Totally Blocking the Wind.

In Be memorable, Clothes, Sports on 04/24/2011 at 9:32 am

I went to my first Cubs game of the season last week. Anyone who has been to a Cubs game in April knows that it’s pretty much a 4-inning experience. And this game was no exception: cold, windy, wet, gross, 34 degrees.

A couple of rows in front of me, I saw this:

And I thought it was so genius that I climbed two rows down, tapped this girl on the shoulder, and asked her if it was keeping her warm.

“Yeah, it’s totally blocking the wind! You’d be surprised!”

They didn’t look super cool, but I know they were a lot warmer than I was, even with my 14 layers and Cubs hat.

Nice to meet you, Claire & friends! Next time, I’m bringing my zebra print umbrella and we can all be safari-esque together.

P.S. The Cubs actually did W this game, so Go Cubs Go.

Nan: No Training Wheels.

In Parenting, Sports on 03/11/2010 at 2:19 pm

I remember getting a Christmas card from Nan, a college friend from years and years ago. (She and her husband were the ones who said, “Hey, Mari. You should start a cupcake business.”) And in it, she told me about her kids and how her at-the-time four-year-old learned how to ride a two-wheeler. Without training wheels.

1 – Assemble the bike without training wheels and without pedals.
2 – Put the seat low enough so the kid can scoot himself around using his feet.
3 – He’ll get used to balancing on two wheels, and he’ll get so bored that he’ll beg you to put the pedals on so he can just go.
4 – You attach the pedals, and your preschooler is riding a two-wheel bike.

Has anyone else ever tried this?

Derek: Chicago.

In Be memorable, Cooking, Dancing, Experience, Sports, Travel on 01/11/2010 at 1:42 am

I met Derek (@dshanahan) a few months ago over lunch, which turned into a four hour discussion of usability and technology under the el tracks. Which turned into a several-month love/hate relationship over who has better dance skills (Mari), a better mustache (Derek), a prettier Google calendar (Mari).

He’s on his way to Vancouver, BC to kick butt on his latest venture, Foodtree, and writing nostalgic Chicago stuff on his blog as a result:

There’s a toughness about this city…a confidence in the experience of being a Chicagoan that doesn’t exist anywhere else on earth.  This city stays sexy all winter.  It’s hard to see unless you train yourself to see through the challenge this time of year puts in front of us.  You look through it and you see smiles and music and art and a camaraderie among total strangers that’s only possible if you’ve walked through our streets and watched them transform themselves over and over and over again as seasons change and years roll by.  We watch our sports and politics with unwavering commitment, dedication, and skepticism.  We pride ourselves on hotdogs, pizza, and Italian beef.  We don’t apologize for that.”

I love this. Everyone knows winters suck here. But we get through it together. We survive it with the best combination of sports, culture and food in anticipation of the most celebrated summers in North America. Chicago is a city connected by deeply rooted relationships, in large part due to the seasons we get to experience together.

To apply this in any group setting, people bond when they go through challenging times together (and have some good food to go with). Brilliant.

If you agree with Derek, say “yeah.”

Mari: “Heck yeah.”

Good luck, Mr. DShan. I’ll miss you – and that’s not really even sarcastic. 🙂

Fabrizio: Bastardo team!

In Human behavior, Sports, Strategy, Take action on 01/01/2010 at 2:36 pm

En route to Barcelona from Nice in 1999, I shared an overnight train cabin with Fabrizio and his Italian buddy, two South African girls, and a French guy. Kind of like speed dating, we rotated through the cabin to talk and pass the time. Fabrizio and I immediately started talking about the World Cup, which the French had won the previous summer.

“You know why the Italians didn’t win? They should have won. Italians are the BEST (hands in the air) at football, but they still didn’t win. Bastardo team; they didn’t take it one game at a time.

I started laughing, but he was really upset (as any good European soccer fan would be).

What he wanted me to understand: take it one game at a time. Don’t get overconfident. Don’t let one loss mess up your psyche. Regroup after every game. Assess weak spots and work on them until they’re strengths. Don’t set your sights to be World Cup champions until you’ve done all the prep work.

I bet Fabrizio is happy they’re the current FIFA champions.

Bastardos. Hilarious.