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Jim: Fold It Lengthwise.

In Organization on 10/18/2010 at 1:19 am

I was invited to do a podcast with the folks at Manifest Digital recently, and we covered a variety of topics, most of which were on social and digital media. (Stuff I really don’t have any expertise in, so I don’t really know why I was there, but it was fun to banter nonetheless.)

Jim handed me a pile of papers, each with an article about something we’d discuss in the podcast. We went through them one by one, deciding in advance which ones we’d take out of the lineup.

“Yes, let’s talk about iPads installed into the kitchen cabinet.”
“No, let’s pass on Philadelphia baking factories.”
“No, I know nothing about Apple’s single-touch advertising campaigns. Pass.”
“Yep, we can talk about Rick Bayless. Sure.”

All of the “No’s” were put into a pile, and Jim meticulously folded them in half, lengthwise. I looked at him, then at his pile. He said, “Oh. I fold it lengthwise so I know it’s garbage.”

So easy. So simple. And so implemented into my life from that moment on.