About Me

So I guess some people want to know a little bit about me.


I am
always interested in talking to someone new.
usually reading a non-fiction book.
an International Relations / Global Economy / French Studies degree holder.
a jazz, modern, tap, and (a little bit of a) ballet dancer.
a die-hard 49ers fan.
a travel freak.

I have
moved cross-country six times in six years.
two parents who lost everything in a house fire and are stronger because of it.
a grandmother who jumped into a river during WW2 to survive bomb attacks.
spent some of my college years living in Europe.
been in ESPN’s top 43 as a result of my March Madness picks in 2009.
been in ESPN Chicago’s top 10 as a result of my March Madness picks in 2010.
been in ESPN’s bottom 20th percentile as a result of my March Madness picks in 2011.

I like
pickles at Disneyland.
US Weekly.
Hugh Laurie.
the color orange.
riding in cabs in Beijing and surviving.
views of the Golden Gate Bridge from Marin County.
eating hamburgers on the beach with girlfriends in Maui.
dancing to good hip hop music.
Diet Coke with lime.

I dislike

This is who I am. Now please go read the things other people have said that are much more inspiring. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Avocados are awesome.

  2. I’ll take your avocados. And I’ll deposit your checks… into my account ๐Ÿ™‚ When’s your next blog?

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